Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Current Events...

* We are going to Arizona next week to visit my Dad. SOOO excited to get away and into the sun!!!
* I have been trying and trying to De-clutter my home and make it pretty and cozy. I have made progress, organizing one thing at a time, but doesn't it always seem like once you throw something out, there's always something new to put in it's place? Arg!!
* Tristan is THE cutest little man ever. He is talking so much, saying most of the words you ask him to, and trying his best at the ones he cannot pronounce. He calls chicken strips "fries" and can sing parts of the alphabet. We have so much fun, even when he tests me and has to go in a timeout. He is very polite, saying "peese?" and using the sign language for thank you. This makes me immensely proud.
* Working out has been an issue. I got a membership for T to the kids place, but he has anxiety right now so he screams when I leave and spends the whole time clinging to the lady. I really need the workout, but I can't stand to put him through that each time. So I'm trying to find time when I can leave him home or go early. Still thinking about the early early a.m. thing. LOL
* I am stressed trying to rent apartments right now. It seems like the only prospectives I get are people who aren't qualified, or the ones who are "just looking". This is the only time my job gets stressful, so I like to keep it fully occupied. Anyone looking for an apartment? :)
* I watched all the season finales I love, and of course, LOST was my favorite. SO crazy! I wish anyone I knew loved it the way I do. Thankfully, I have gotten my Mom hooked so I can get excited with her, but she gets confused a lot.