Friday, July 24, 2009


So sorry to everyone that I have been lacking in the blog department!! There's so much I want to say!! Apparently I've been too busy to post, but I'll show you what we've been up to since May :) For starters, we went to Arizona to visit my Dad at the end of May, soaked up the sun, and had the best vacation. It was HOT but felt great! Tristan had more fun this year, he was able to run around, eat a lot, and get root beer from Bompa. Below are some pictures of what Tristan did on his vacation.

This one is my favorite. So cute! It was taken at my Uncle Curt's house, where we spent a day BBQ-ing and swimming. Tristan did great and had so much fun with Auntie Velora

We also spent time with Doug and Lisa and their little man Dylan, who is not much younger than Tristan. This is the cutest pic of them watching a show before bedtime and sharing a snack ;)
Playing before bedtime...
Swimming at Doug and Lisa's, poor kid got sunscreen in his eye AS Lisa and I were talking about Dylan getting sunscreen in his eyes "this one time...". But he was a trooper and had fun anyways!
Aah, the watermelon. My Dad cut Tristan up watermelon everyday, and this day he seriously ate 1/2 of a big watermelon I think. It was a bowlful.

"Yum! That was so good! I'm really glad I ate all that!"
"Ugh... not so glad anymore. Too much watermelon!" He sat like this for 30 min no joke. "Get outta my face!"

Every year In University Place they have a Duck Parade that is really cute, it's just a smaller parade of kids and businesses and schools that go down Bridgeport Way and throw candy out. They have fun activities afterwards and it is literally on my street so we went up, like last year, to watch the parade.
We stopped by the fire station to visit, and to our surprise they were serving everyone a FREE LUNCH! Yummy BBQ and cake, it was nice and a lot of fun. Tristan got to sit in a fire engine, and you can see how much he enjoyed himself.

This picture makes me giggle. He looks like he's ready to fight if someone were to take away his sucker.

Fortunately, still not afraid of animal-people.

Saving the best for last, this is my favorite. Just pure joy.