Saturday, March 28, 2009

Don't Say COOKIE!!

Wow. It's snowing outside right now. Anyways...
So, Chris made a mistake earlier today. He was in the bedroom getting ready for work. Tristan always wants in our bedroom to get Chris's phone, guitar, or some other prized possession of ours he deems worthy of investigating, and we are always trying to corral him out. So I assume he was trying to get him out when Tristan came running to me, staring at me intently. Chris yelled out laughing, "I said Mommy had a cookie for him," thinking he wouldn't understand but would go out curiously. No. No, Chris. You have failed to notice that our smart little man not only knows what a cookie is, he knows what chocolate is, as previously observed in Leavenworth. We don't give him cookies all the time or anything, but he has had one, and anyone knows, one is enough to get you hooked. You also learn as a parent, that when you promise something to your child, you'd better be prepared to deliver. So here Tristan is, staring at me desperately, and I tell Chris, shaking my head, that he'd better give him a cookie since it was promised. I tell him that Daddy will get him a cookie, and that sends him confused signals and he starts to get emotional. He just wants his cookie!! finally Chris comes out and gives him a cookie in his chair. At this point, Tristan has tears in his eyes and is saying, "Peese? peese?" The whole thing was hilarious knowing how emotional he got fretting over the cookie dilemma. If you give a kid a cookie...he'll just want another one to go with it.

Movie Review: 4th Edition

This weeks review is on Fireproof. I watched it last night with my Mom and it was fantastic. I had heard great things about it and I always loved Kirk Cameron. The movie was about Caleb (Kirk), a firefighter, who is having trouble in his marriage and is considering divorce. His father asks him to wait 40 days, and gives him something that might change the way he thinks about love. It truly is moving and intense and suspenseful at times. I do love holding my breath in suspense while my fingers clench into a fist...

The movie has so many lines that really force you to think about how to conduct yourself and what God really meant marriage (and love) to be. I was afraid before I watched it that it wasn't going to be "real" enough. That the issues that the couple faced wouldn't be severe enough to be believable. I was wrong. I was pleasantly surprised at how "real" the arguments were. Anyways, I won't say anymore because I want everyone to see this. Whether you are married, happily or not, engaged, dating, or single, this movie will teach you something. I wish they would show this to people before they marry. Then maybe a few more would take the commitment more seriously. I was also very impressed with the special features. REALLY hilarious outtakes!

Sweet babies...

My sister Melissa is due in less than 2 weeks with her second little lady. Her name will be Rylie Marie (Marie after her Auntie Allie!). I found this pic on my Mom's computer and thought it was so adorable I had to put it on. It makes me want another baby right now, even though i really don't yet. But who can resist babies?! I can't wait to be an Auntie again! It is such a joy, they're like your own children but you only get the fun parts. How cool is that relationship?! Sydney was the first, born in 2004. Chris and I got engaged 4 days before she was born, and I got to be there when she came out. After they took her home, I would go over almost every day after work and take a nap with Sydney sleeping on my chest. Something about a sleeping baby...

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Movie Review: 3rd Edition

Yes, she can give a good review!! I saw Taken a few nights ago with my sisters, and it was fantastic! I didn't know much about it, but thought it might be very scary and possibly gory in some way. The way they make horror movies nowadays freaks me out and I even cringe at previews. Just a nightmare waiting to happen! But Heidi assured me it was only PG13 so it couldn't be bad at all ;) Not that I can't take R rated... I just can't take "scary movies" anymore. I'm talking about Saw, The Last House on the Left, and The Strangers, which I didn't even see but Jessica's synopsis and the fact that she wanted to puke was enough.

Anyways, back to Taken. I can't believe that Liam Neeson has not aged in like, 10 years! He was a bad-ass in this movie, playing an ex-CIA agent who gave it up to be with his daughter ( Maggie Grace from Lost), only to have her travel abroad and be kidnapped by human traffickers. Very suspenseful and action-packed. I will probably see it again because I know many who would love it. I also saw He's Just Not That Into You and it was also very good, great cast, funny and entertaining. Probably more chick-flick but guys would enjoy it too.

The Twilight Saga...

"If I was a germaphobe, I wouldn't be in Walmart." - My sister, Heidi.

This statement set off an abundance of laughter as Heidi and I braved the tense crowd at Walmart last night to buy copies of Twilight at 12:01 am. I know. That in itself is laughable. However, if you are a fan of the Twilight books, you are nodding your head and are right there with us. We waited in a line for a short time, our neck of the woods is more discreet if you will, so it went quite fast. They had a "party", with refreshments, and a yummy-looking cake with a picture of the Twilight cast on it. I made it known that I was going to get a piece, when Heidi proceeded to tell me that it was probably spit on and touched by sick kids. My friend Nicole is nodding her head right now. So I lost my appetite and grumpily called her a germaphobe. The sentence above was her reply and it was funny. I would have taken a picture of the cake to show you, like so many teens I saw (and giggled at), but that was taking it too far. Needless to say, as we got closer and the cake tempted us, Heidi gave in and we both had a piece. And it was delicious.

Twilight is the reason for my absence from blogging and God knows what else. I got reeled in and read all 4 books in a week and a half. One in 24 hours ;) . I'm not going to go into anything else, I'm sure many of you are tired of hearing the hype and the rest are way ahead of me ;) . So, I loved them. Great story, very suspenseful and emotional. Now I am back, with promises of many cute pictures soon to follow.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Things I Complain About vs Things I Am Thankful For

Just a little perspective... some things I have actually considered and it did help me to stop complaining/worrying a bit. I have always been a "glass is half-full" kinda girl. So perhaps it will give someone else a thought about why they should feel lucky.

1. I wish I had more money, but I am VERY thankful to have a roof over my head, heat, food for my family, and room for a lot of fun things.
2. I wish I was thin, but I am thankful that God gave me a body that works, and that I have the opportunity to get healthier.
3. I hate when there is drama in my family, but I am blessed to have a family where we are so close there is bound to be drama ;)
4. I hate getting up early, but I am thankful for every moment I have with Tristan, especially while he's so young.
5. I get very tired of cleaning, but I saw an Oprah where 10 families in a shelter complex had to share a vacuum and it made me very thankful.
6. I fight with Chris about many things that won't matter in a day, but I am very thankful that he is my husband and loves me ALL the time. And brings me flowers ;)
7. I wish I could afford a new wardrobe, but I am thankful to have enough clothes that I could give them away, and a husband who prefers me in sweats ;)