Thursday, December 11, 2008

Oh Christmas Tree...

This is our Christmas Tree. I love Christmas... and I was very pleased to see that Tristan had no wish to demolish it. Yea!

In Trouble

No, I didn't put him in a time-out. I caught him ripping the wipes out and he climbed on the chair and put his head down. So easy. It was pretty funny. Now if I can just work on the prevention part...

Crazy what kids love....

So, it really is true that you can give your child a ton of gifts, but nothing makes him happier than a plain, old, box. This was proved to me yesterday as I was doing some present wrapping. I finished a roll of paper and as we all know, it's always been fun to talk and yell through the cardboard roll. I did it and Tristan just cracked up, giggling and screeching! So of course, he takes it from me and does it himself, laughing everytime it vibrates on his mouth. Then he hands it to me and makes me do it about 50 more times. I didn't mind too much. :")

Thursday, December 4, 2008


So I've been watching the news, and I'm quite upset about the sign that they are allowing in the State Capitol alongside the Christmas tree. The sign is from a group that are Atheists, and basically states that there is no God, no Heaven or Hell, no angels, that Christmas and religion are myths. This has upset thousands, with the Capitol receiving two hundred calls every hour. But to no avail, our Governor Gregoire will not consider removing the sign because in her opinion it's an issue of the First Amendment. The Supreme Court has said include one, and that they must include all religious beliefs. I do not wish to offend anyone or their beliefs, but Atheism is NOT a religion in my opinion. They do not believe in anything or anyone, just our "natural world." Why do they feel the need to post a sign that diminishes all our Christmas traditions? Shame on Chris Gregoire for trying to be political instead of considering the feelings of those who are offended by this. It seems it will have caused more hurt and disappointment then if it were to be taken down. I am deeply saddened by this, it seems that the true meaning of this favorite holiday is slipping further away.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

"Hold on Mommy, I gotta take this."
I love that face. My little hoodlum.

"Mommy, I need a ride. Let's go, I got your keys!"
So cute.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

It's All About Strategy...

So, Black friday. Ah yes, scary to many, exciting for others. For me, it's exciting to go out and feel the tension as you wait in line with a ton of crazy people just like you who are excited to get a few great deals. I go with my friend Debby every year, this was our 3rd. We always have fun, laughing at the "crazies" who get nasty over stupid stuff. We NEVER go to Walmart 1st. the fact that they have police and a line circling the parking lot freaks me out. We are the first in Target, grabbing what we can, then it's off to Walmart and Kohl's. I had a great time, although if you know me, you know I am NOT a morning person. Getting up at 4am is hard, but worth the stuff I get. I got a Wii game for $11.00, toys for Tristan $5-$10 each, 60% off Christmas decor, $5 movies, and a lot of good stuff. And as I am writing this, Chris and I have just witnessed Tristan climbing up on the coffee table for the first time. Great. He was going for Chris's Dr. Pepper. Anyways...I had fun, it makes me very very upset to hear that some people take it way too seriously and are selfish enough to keep on trying to shop when people are seriously hurt and possibly dead. It makes me sick and that's why I avoid watching the news.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


I'm SO excited for LOST to return, and I found out it's coming back on January 21st!! I love this show so much. I saw the preview for it last week and I actually jumped up and down. The only thing I don't like about it is that they have shorter seasons, and they make me wait. And that makes me an unhappy camper. I know many who don't watch it because it is too hard to follow. Maybe that's why it's called LOST. I agree, you have to watch it from the beginning to understand and properly appreciate the wonderment that is LOST. Yes, I am a LOST geek. Chris even bought me the playstation game. But I can't play it unless there are adults present because it is SCARY. If any of you do watch the show, the game is a believable clone. Dark caves, scary noises, unexpected deaths into a hole. Not surprising since I couldn't play the Lord of the Rings game either. I'm more into Mariokart.


Have a snack.

Play some tunes on my guitar.

Catch up on some reading.
And of course, my favorite, Daddy Time.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

1st Birthday!!

Mmm.... yummy blue icing! We celebrated Tristan's 1st Birthday on Saturday, September 27th, his actual birthday. LOTS of family and friends came to party and watch Tristan open presents, entertain, and stuff his face full of icing.

"Here Daddy, you can have some."

I love this picture. The cupcake, by the way, was the Cookie Monster, SO cute done by QFC. He ate it like someone was going to take it away any second. No hesitation.Understandably exhausted.

This is a pic from Tristan's Great Granny Norma's 70th Birthday party. He had a great time with his second cousin Bryce.


Yes, backtracking to October 26th, Chris, Tristan and I went with Heidi, Marty, and Braden to a pumpkin farm off River Rd and had a ton of fun! We went through the corn maze, picked out pumpkins, and of course, took pictures. The boys had a blast. Daddy, I can do it on my own!

This picture is particulary adorable.

Tristan brought his wagon and shared with Braden. SO cute!!


So Jess and I went to see Twilight on Saturday (after a little shopping at AE because I ripped my favorite jeans and needed a new pair so she helped me out) and I was surprised to see no lines or crowds. I was also pleased to see no sea of crazy teenage girls. The showing was at 4:05 and we got there at 3:45 to get a good seat, and we did no problem. I guess everyone went to the midnight showing with Nicole :). Nevertheless it filled up, and despite not getting to read the book first, it was a really good movie. No Lord of the Rings, but the characters were intriguing and the setting was close to home, in Forks, WA. Funny enough Nicole and I had fun there on a trip with her family back in 7th or 8th grade I think. I won't spill any of the movie of course for those die hard fans, but let's just say I will go see the sequel.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

I'm going to be backtracking a bit so I can include some of the adorable pics I have of my little guy. As you can see, he was a duck for Halloween. He did NOT like the hat at first. We're talking lots of crying. So after I gave him a binkie, and my cellphone, as a bribe, he proceeded to sit for me while I took pictures. Then he actually kept it on while Heidi and I took the boys for a stroll around the mall! Yes, he does have a kitkat he got at the mall. I told him he could eat it if he could get it open. Mean, I know. But he had fun holding it! I can't look at these pictures without giggling...

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Here is my FIRST blog! Yea... I feel like I'm back in eighth grade computer science, learning how to save a file on a floppy disc. My how times have changed. I like to think that I'm computer-savvy. I was 14 when the internet first became popular. Still, I have issues with patience and uploading and editing pictures. I need a touch screen. Good thing those are becoming available! But, lucky for you, I am willing to give it my best shot so that you can see Tristan and all of the hilarious things he does everyday. I love reading other blogs, and I thought I'd either do this or Facebook. I guess the winner has been revealed.