Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Jack In The Box = Yuck.

I usually don't ever eat JITB anymore unless it's Chris bringing us food for late-night snacks :) But Heidi and I went to our Mom's tonight and stopped by JITB to grab some food. I had forgotten how greasy their food is and literally 99% of the time they get my order wrong, not matter how much I make sure to confirm it. Tonight was no exception, they put cheese on my burger and smothered it in mayo. Yuck. It was sloppy and nasty. I had to take it back and even the second one was not good. From now on I will resume my no-eat-JITB. I had to eat a bowl of steamed vegetables at my Mom's to get some particle of nutrition in my stomach. Heidi and I have always joked when we've eaten JITB, " Mmm...this looks like a stomach ache! Yum!" Not so funny now. Remember when you were young, and you could eat whatever the heck you wanted? Greasy, sugary, high-caloric food and never have one side effect? Now I eat one greasy burger and am so affected that I have to blog about it! Crazy.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Dinner Time!

Tristan's dinner: Grilled chicken with barbecue sauce and oranges. Yum! (He's not too good with vegetables, I try but he only likes peas). So I give him V8 juice. And he loves it.

T is displaying my delicious pumpkin spice muffins that I made. I got the recipe off and made some changes that made it a little healthier, thanks to a lot of the reviews on the recipe. They are so tasty, and yes, those are pumpkin seeds on top. The recipe calls for them and they look very fall, but I'm not fond of eating them.

He is so trying to steal one while I take a picture. Sneaky!

My dinner. Mmm...chicken enchiladas! Only 40 more minutes till I can eat them...

And this is the mess I made to get them. I've been planning to make them for a week but alas, I have been lazy-dinner-girl. Living off my sister's leftovers and eating Chinese food (lunch). Shh!
Maybe if I get bored later I'll post the recipe.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Pumpkin and Salsa

I am being Betty Schmocker today and freezing cups of the fresh pumpkin that Chris baked and pureed for me. Apparently you can freeze it up to a year and use it to make a number of things. Like shrimp! (Forrest Gump). I will attempt my first homemade pumpkin spice muffins later today so hopefully they'll turn out great! Thank you to my imaginative husband for giving me an excuse to be Julia Child, and I'm sorry I laughed at you when you brought home 3 pumpkins and said you were going to gut them and bake them.

Thank you also to for easy instructions on the best way to freeze and use fresh pumpkin!

Husband Salsa!! Chris makes REALLY GOOD spicy salsa that we both love. Unfortunately, not many on my side of the branch enjoy spicy spicy, so we have to eat it all ourselves ;) Chris came home from work last night, blended some of the good stuff and made this really yummy brownish salsa that's warm because he roasts the peppers first. Oh, it's good. My mouth is watering right now...I would tell you what he puts in it, but I don't even know. From the looks of it he put our whole produce section in there! But he definitely knows what he's doing. I came in to taste it and he said,"Put 6 twists of the freshly ground pepper in there for me. No, 8." Lol...


Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Nothing Like Learning To Make Your Brain Hurt

I have been re-learning how to use my Nikon camera on manual. I have gotten pretty lazy over the years and have just used the automatic button to take my pictures, and have let my photography knowledge go out the back door. I took a couple black and white photo classes at Green River when I first got my camera and did great. My sister led me to this website where the pictures were so beautiful, it made me want to go out and shoot the grass. To my pleasant surprise, she had short blogs with basic instructions on how to go manual. I have a new-found love for my precious Nikon, although I wish it were digital so I could upload pictures right away, but that'll be a new toy for next year ;). So if you are feeling brave or just want some tips on how to use the manual settings on your camera (ahem, Nicole) you can go and make your brain hurt too! Here is the link:
Happy learning!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Skype and Other One-Liners

I have just discovered Skype! I didn't know it was free and now I have a new computer with a built-in web cam so now I can chat with anyone! It's so cool you should all join.
My best friend Jessica and I used to write each other all the time in school through a journal and we would write one-liners about what we were thinking/doing. It was really funny so I will continue the legacy...
* I love my new computer but now am afraid of slacking on other things because I am on it so much!
* My house looks like a tornado hit it, because of a certain two year-old who chooses to remain anonymous
* I started my Jillian workouts back up and am now paying the price for my "holiday". I hurt.
* T is sleeping and I now have to decide what to eat. Soup sounds good.
* My husband bravely gutted a pumpkin and pureed it so now it is up to me to make homemade pumpkin stuff. Mmm...
* Today is Voting Day!!! Get out there and make your voice heard!!
* I watch so many medical shows that I am convinced I am halfway through medical school. I could take out your appendix or start an IV no problem.
* I can't wait for Lost!! It comes back for it's final season in January. I will most certainly cry throughout most of early 2010...
* Even closer is the New Moon premiere!! Soooo excited!!
* Tristan loves to wrestle with Chris and I on our bed. He loves to head-butt me even more. I could have a concussion.

Jelly Face!!

I came in to the kitchen where Chris was feeding Tristan lunch, and Chris says,"I'm glad we got that whole, one of us feeds him and the other cleans up. Turn around."

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Meet The Cutest Dragon Ever

Yes, I have not blogged in TOO long...but I have fabulous news-I got a new laptop! It is super -fast and I can now take it anywhere, without the pains of an ancient computer. So I promise to blog often. More pictures to come...these are obviously from Halloween ;) We went to the Seatac Mall with Missy, Ryan, Heidi, Marty, and various grandparents and children. First time trick-or-treater Tristan was very courteous with the candy-givers, but had a hard time understanding why the candy had to stay in his bag. Each time he would get a piece, he would reach in and try to get it out. We had loads of fun. I did have to bribe him with chocolate raisins or candy corn (pictured above) to get the costume on though. SOO worth it....


While we took a break from treating, Tristan loved this helicopter so much it was hard to get him out!

Me and my little bug! Yes, I dressed up as a princess. It was fun.

From left: Sydney the Bee, Missy, Rylie, Braden, Tristan and I

They are so cute!

This was right after T and I walked into the restaurant. T ran to Sydney and gave her a hug. I am tearing up now just looking at it!! He loves his cousins so much.