Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Movie Review 2nd Edition

So... sadly again no good reviews. My mom and I sat down last night and tried to pick a movie out. No winners. So I went "On Demand" and we picked out Changeling. Once again, the acting was phenomenal, the setting (1928 LA) was beautifully re-engineered, but the ending was terrible. Sorry to all those who have not seen it, but I MUST ruin it for you, because I cannot have it on my conscience that someone might have the same experience that I did. Excuse me while I go on a rampage...
The movie, as some of you know, is about a mother (Angelina Jolie) who comes home from work to find her 9 year old son gone. She goes to the police, doesn't get very much help, and 3 months later they produce a boy who they say is her son. But even as she laughably says 200 times, "He is NOT my son!", and provides proof that he is not, the LAPD continues to try and convince her that he is, and that she just doesn't recognize him after SO much time. The LAPD knows they probably made a mistake, but don't want to look bad in the press. So as she persists, they throw her into the psych ward! Now remember, this is a true story so you can imagine me, with my son in the next room sleeping, watching this poor woman go through all this, thinking every minute that her son is out there alone somewhere or worse. So I was fully convinced that she would find her son soon.
Not so fast. Then another plot comes in, where the police discover a man who has been killing little boys out in nowhere, and her son was identified as at least being kidnapped by this guy. No one knows if he was killed. And let me say, they go almost too far in letting the viewer know just what happened to these little boys. At least too far for me ;) . So she gets out of the psych ward, sues the LAPD and wins, and the killer taunts her a few times with whether or not he killed her boy. This goes on and I'm sure the ending will be worth all the pain. Nope. She never finds her son. NEVER! In the end they say she never stopped looking for him, but obviously never found out anything. I can appreciate that it was a true story, and that of course not all kidnappings have good endings, but come on! Give a girl a happy ending! Sigh...

Monday, February 16, 2009

Flowers, bloody tongues, and a haircut

Valentine's Day this year was great...I hung out with my son all day, went shopping, and after Chris got off work, he came home to a few gifts and a lot of kisses ;). We drank some delicious Italian wine and watched Superbad. So romantic... and I also got this lovely display the night before. Chris is good with flowers.
Tristan's 3rd haircut! Every time now he looks more and more like a little boy, not a baby...sad. But he looks sooo cute with a fauxhawk. He recieved many an adoring "aww..." when we went out shopping. I also got a new phone, after 2 hours on the phone with my company. I was supposed to be mailed one but it got messed up and they were out of stock, so I went to the corporate store. I am embarrassed to say, it kinda "does everything". But it's only because that was the free one they offered and it's a touch screen. Fun. I love it. I probably won't do anything on it but text, call, and maybe check the news or something. I can feel myself going over to the dark technology-advanced side already....
Tristan did not have a good morning. He was running, as he always does, and biffed it, as he usually does. But this time he went face down hard on his beloved guitar and bit his tongue severely. It looked bad. Yuck, poor kid. Nevertheless, he was still a champ and had fun the whole day. We even went to McDonald's after getting my phone and he was excited. Sadly, I didn't think about how hard it might be to eat chicken mcnuggets with a gouge in your tongue...Mommy of the Year, that's me.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

25 Random Facts About Me

I got this idea from a cute blog I read and thought it would be fun so enjoy!

1. I only like cold beverages ICE COLD. Especially water.
2. I am obsessed with LOST. Not really a secret. I get so excited about it I jump up and down!
3. I can't stand listening to people chew. Chris gets annoyed because I'm always getting on him about it. I can't help it! I can't stand chewing with your mouth open either...
4. I don't have a favorite season. I love each one, and I'm ready for the next each time. God planned it well.
5. My favorite DS game is MarioKart. I play whenever I can.
6. My favorite easy dinner is Hamburger Helper. Love it.
7. I love the ocean. I could live at the beach and stare at it all day.
8. Hate cold days that are sunny! It's an oxymoron to me....choose one!
9. Since I was 12 I always wanted to name my son Gabriel Aidan. Guess you can tell we compromised with Tristan Gabriel.
10. I really want Invisalign. I need braces and don't want them.
11. My new favorite "treat" restaurant is Asado in Tacoma. "Treat" because it's pricy but SO worth every penny!
12. My favorite vacation growing up was going to Lincoln City, OR and staying on the beach at the Shilo Inn. Leavenworth comes in at a close second...
13. I hate being too busy. I love relaxing at home with my baby in sweats.
14. Chris and I have talked many times about moving to Greece for a year. Still considering it, although being so far away would be very hard.
15. I never really want a phone that "does everything". Give me a phone that calls people and has text messages and it's gold. I'm scared that one day that won't be an option. ;)
16. I wash my hands 10+ times a day. I hate dirty hands.
17. I'm not fearful of getting old. I am fearful of Tristan growing up too fast.
18. My favorite Tristan quirk is the sound he makes as he's falling asleep. It's a loud humming sound and he's done it ever since he was an infant. It gets louder when Chris rocks him. It's the sweetest thing...
19. I could watch Lord of the Rings EVERY night. Sometimes I have. Also not a secret.
20. I hope my son feels as though his Mommy loves him more than any mommy could love her son.
21. I wish I could get up every morning and go work out. I'm thinking about it, it's hard because I am a night owl and HATE getting up early.
22. Tom Jones' "At This Moment" can always make me cry.
23. I've never broken a bone. Knock on wood...
24. I hate cleaning my kitchen, but I could do laundry all day.
25. I love surveys. I fill them out whenever I can. Obviously.

My Boo Boo

Food Time!

Yummy carrots and chicken! He loves to use a fork now, sometimes he won't eat unless you let him ATTEMPT to feed himself. I would usually not let him use a "big fork".
Waffles with scrumptious jam from Leavenworth!

"World's Best Mac N Cheese" by Beecher's. It REALLY is the best in the world. Seriously. I think it's only at QFC in the freezer section. SOOOO good. Tristan agrees.

Yogurt. Loves to try to feed himself. I don't even care about the big mess. It's too cute to stop him!