Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Do We Look "Together" ??

Apparently we might. Jess and I went out the other night for some best friend time and a drink. Well, she had diet coke and we shared some chicken strips. It was great, until some guy came up to us.

Him: Hi there! I was just wondering, are you guys together?
(Jess and I looked at each other, as if we were obviously sitting next to each other talking and laughing for some other reason than knowing one another)
Jess: Uh, yeah.
Him: No, I mean, "together, together."
Jess: Yes.
Him: Oh, okay. I could tell.

REALLY? You could tell? Maybe because I was sitting facing Jess in the barstool? (Even though the reason I was sitting that way is because my neck hurt so I couldn't turn it to talk to her lol) Maybe because we were not prowling around the bar for guys? Someone please enlighten me. How do you have the nerve to come up to some girls and let that be the first thing out of your mouth? Then proceed to say a couple more obnoxious things before finally getting the hint and walking away. I couldn't tell if he was trying to figure out if we were single, or he was really hoping we were "together"? Take a note guys. If girls say they are "together", it means they want you to GO away. My mind drifts back to when I was 16, and Nicole and I went to Portland to visit Tiffany at college. She took us to a club and when a guy tried to dance with me she stepped in and used the same line to rescue me. And I was grateful. The whole thing was hilarious and made me blush. Thank you Jess, for saving us. :)


nicole said...

Ha ha, I loved this post! And, I too will never forget Tiffany's famous line "she's with me!"
Good times, and no for the record you and Jess do not look "together." He was just a perv.

Watty said...

Um, the picture you posted would lead me to believe that maybe, yes, you two were 'together.'

Jessica said...

Hey, lucky me. =)